Cyber Monday: 5 Produtos Para Quem Ama Livros e Seriados

A temporada de promoções não acabou ainda. Na segunda-feira, muitas lojas físicas e online entram em desconto com a Cyber Monday. Embora tenha começado como um dia dedicado para compra de eletrônicos por preço mais baixo, dá para encontrar vários sites que vendem outros produtos. E para quem quer viajar, se liga na terça-feira porqueContinue reading “Cyber Monday: 5 Produtos Para Quem Ama Livros e Seriados”

Five Markets To Visit In New York City

I recommend taking some time to visit New York markets. These locations provide affordable options whether you’re looking to fill your stomach or your house.

The Other Fifth Avenue

When tourists go sightseeing one of their first stops is Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Luxury brands, Apple Store, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park. I know, it all sounds so inviting. But not to everyone. Some individuals are more interested in checking out the unusual. They like to go where foreigners haven’t discovered yet. And thisContinue reading “The Other Fifth Avenue”

Buy Secondhand: 5 Thrift Stores in NYC to Shop on a Budget

Many tourists come to New York with the idea that the best place to go shopping is 5th avenue while some believe unimaginable bargains can be found at popular outlets located in the city’s outskirts. What they really should know is that locals love thrifting. Type on google maps “thrift stores” and you will findContinue reading “Buy Secondhand: 5 Thrift Stores in NYC to Shop on a Budget”

Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York

We all know New York City is a shopping paradise – as long as you can afford it.  Everything you want can be found in this island and proximities. And when I mean everything, it also includes a long list of businesses that sell the most adorable things you could ever think of. I selectedContinue reading “Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York”