Cyber Monday: 5 Produtos Para Quem Ama Livros e Seriados

A temporada de promoções não acabou ainda. Na segunda-feira, muitas lojas físicas e online entram em desconto com a Cyber Monday. Embora tenha começado como um dia dedicado para compra de eletrônicos por preço mais baixo, dá para encontrar vários sites que vendem outros produtos. E para quem quer viajar, se liga na terça-feira porque vai ter passagens mais em conta com a Travel Tuesday.

Aqui eu separei cinco itens que valem cada centavo gasto. Se liga:

Cafeteira Nespresso

Muita gente é apaixonada por ler livro ou ver filme tomando café. Sabendo disso, as cafeteiras da Nespresso estão com abatimento por esses dias. Ainda vem com cupom de 150 reais na compra de cápsulas. Eu comprei uma para minha mãe e ela ficou felizona. Para quem quer uma mais simples, tem outra opção custando um pouco menos. Confira a Nespresso Essenza Mini D30-BR-RE-NE!

Fire TV Stick – Edição Básica

Esse pequeno aparelho é um salva vidas para quem não tem Smart TV como eu. Conectado a uma TV ou monitor, ele dá acesso a filmes e seriados, música, notícia, jogos e navegadores de internet. É simples de configurar e o preço está bem mais barato hoje. De 289 por 219 reais!

Caneca Smelly Cat – Friends
Fãs do seriado Friends, uni-vos! Essa caneca é tudo que um louco por Phoebe e suas habilidades musicais precisa.  Também pode ser um ótimo presente de natal ou de amigo secreto nesse fim de ano.
Kindle Paperwhite 

Vou bater nesse teclado para sempre. Não há nada mais enriquecedor do que ler. E ainda mais com a facilidade que é carregar um dispositivo leve e pequeno como o Kindle. Sem contar que os livros no formato e-book são bem mais baratos. A versão mais básica também vale o investimento, hein?!

Fone de Ouvido Dobrável

Por que nada melhor do que ouvir seu seriado ou escutar música com som de qualidade. Esse fone de ouvido da Sony é eficiente e conveniente para por na mochila, já que é dobrável. Além disso, está com mais de 50% de desconto. Corre!

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Five Markets To Visit In New York City

If there’s something I love to do anywhere I go is to grab something to eat and do the occasional window shopping. If you’re also the type of person who likes to do these things, I recommend taking some time to visit New York markets. These locations provide affordable options whether you’re looking to fill your stomach or your house.

Chelsea Market 
By far the most popular market! It is usually crowded – specially on the weekends. In spite of being very touristy, it is worth your visit. Conveniently located in the beautiful neighborhood of Chelsea, it does justice to its cool reputation as it has a wide variety of restaurants and stores.
Things you can find here: pastries, coffee, seafood, chocolate, ice cream, oyster, tacos, ramen noodles and so on. If it is shopping what you want, head to the end of the venue to find Artists & Fleas, where local vendors showcase clothing, vintage, jewelry, design and art products. The market also has some brands inside its facility, such as Anthropologie, a pricey but cute home & fashion retail store.
Now that you’re full and spent some money, go for a walk on The High Line, an adorable elevated linear park that once used to be a railroad.
Open hours: Monday – Saturday: 7am to 2am, Sunday: 8am to 10pm

Location: 75 9th Avenue (Between 15th and 16 Streets), New York, NY 10011

Canal Street Market
I usually avoid going to Canal Street because it is very messy. My problem here is not really avoiding the tourists, but the people selling maybe-not-so-original goods on the streets. Luckily there’s a train station very close to Canal Market, which it’s actually a pretty cool place to check out. It has shops and eateries as well, but much fewer options. Shopping findings: fashion, art, jewelry. Eat: salad, lobster roll, ice cream. Drink: bubble tea.
Open hours: (Retail) Monday – Saturday: 11am to 7pm / Sunday: 12am to 6pm 
                     (Food hall) Monday – Sunday 10am to 8pm
Location: 265 Canal Street, New York, NY, 10013

The longest line in Canal St Market was to get bubble tea at Boba Guys.
The Pennsy Food Hall
As the name indicates, this is dedicated to food only. Don’t get disappointed though. The Pennsy’s address is in Midtown Manhattan, aka every shopper’s wonderland. There are all sorts of shops in every direction you go! I recommend visiting during Happy Hour because there’s a bar with indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Aside from beer, you can get cookies, pizza, sushi, tacos or vegan food. This lively and modern high end food hall is based above Penn Station.  Website:
Open hours: Monday to Sunday: 11am – 9pm
Location: 2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10121

Dekalb Market Hall
Cross the East River to find this exclusively food hall in Brooklyn. It’s quite busy during the weekend but the lines are impressively short. I think it is due to the wide range of restaurants here (40 vendors!). The environment is very laidback and attended by mostly a young crowd. Among its selection, you can try Korean, Latin, Hawaiian, Chinese, Barbecue, and many other menus with also veggie choices. And now the best part: grab some ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery, a heavenly local ice cream. If you really need to shop, there are a lot of retail stores in the surroundings since it’s in the basement level of a mall. 

PS: Need to buy groceries? Trader Joe’s is right there as well!

Open hours: Monday – Sunday, 7am to 10pm 
Location: (Basement Level of City Point) 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Try the legendary sandwich from Kat’z at Dekalb Market Hall
You won’t regret eating Ample Hills Creamery ice cream!

The Bowery Market 
Found in NoHo, it’s a fun designed outdoor market with local vendors that offer very diverse cuisines, such as Mexican and Asian. They also have an ice cream stand! However, it’s probably the one I liked the least given the fact that it’s tiny (I only saw three stands) and closes way too early. The website mentions the establishments close at 10pm, but I went there on a weekend and they had resumed service before six. I honestly thought about not including this place here, however the atmosphere is pleasant and full of bars nearby to explore. So even if you don’t like the market itself, I’m sure you’ll love getting to know that area. 
Open hours: Monday -Friday: 9am to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 10pm (not reliable!)
Location: 348 Bowery @ the Northwest Corner of Bowery & Great Jones

The Bowery Market is unique but tiny.
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Cheap Ecofriendly Gifts For Christmas

Halloween is over, soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas will come in no time at all. If you’re the type of person who is crazy about buying, why not dedicate this year’s shopping spree to an important cause?

Hearing all the news about climate change and global warming, it is a great idea to join the eco and conscious consumption trends to purchase environmental friendly gifts. That’s why I came up with a list of useful and sustainable products that help our planet as well as make a very thoughtful Christmas presents to your loved ones!

Bamboo Toothbrush
Did you know that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year? And that all the toothbrushes we have used during our lifetime are still out there? None of them have decomposed yet. That’s why we should all switch to a more ecological option. A single bamboo toothbrush can replace four plastic ones. It is 100% recyclable, inexpensive and easy to find online.

There’s a wide selection of books on sustainability, zero waste, the green movement and so on. Pick a nice title and motivate others to become more knowledgeable about Planet Earth’s situation. The more people become familiar, the more engaged they get in this fight for human race survival.

Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% recyclable

Reusable straw, cup or bottle
A reusable cup can replace 1,460 plastic cups while a reusable bottle substitutes 71 plastic ones a year. Aside from cups and bottles, disposable straws are toxic to our health and to the animals as well. A new year is coming which makes it the perfect moment to be a trendsetter and make people aware of how much better we can make the world with simple actions!

Secondhand clothes
A lot of water goes into producing new clothes. Additionally, it has a huge impact on pollution. Avoid releasing so many chemicals in the planet and save some cash by visiting a thrift shop. Gather a group of friends and invite them to a cool secondhand shop nearby. You can even have a secret santa on this theme.

One ecobag can substitute 792 plastic bags annually. That’s truly harmful for the environment. Buy a cool one with a nice message and design and hand it to your relative or buddy who is into that weekly grocery shopping!

Motivate others to stop using plastic bags by giving them an ecobag for Christmas.

Other ways to help the environment this Christmas: 

Naked packaging
Don’t spend money on wrapping paper. It’s basically money spent only to be thrown in the garbage within seconds.

Buy local
Support small businesses by visiting holiday markets. It can grow your city’s economy as well as avoid gas emission on transportation.

No money? No problem!
If you’re trying to celebrate Christmas without any shopping this year, just invite your friends and family for a Netflix and chill session. You can even opt for a documentary on minimalism, for example.

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The Other Fifth Avenue

When tourists go sightseeing one of their first stops is Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Luxury brands, Apple Store, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park. I know, it all sounds so inviting. But not to everyone. Some individuals are more interested in checking out the unusual. They like to go where foreigners haven’t discovered yet. And this is why they should visit the other Fifth Avenue, located in Brooklyn.

Get off at Barclay’s Center and head down. Here you won’t find anything similar to the upscale manhattanite stores. Everything past the East river tends to be alternative and cool. Save some time and cash to explore Margarita bars, thrift shops, cafés and even public gardens.  Spare a few hours of your trip to include the following tips in your itinerary:

To get your mission started grab a latte at Damn Fine Coffee. Craving some noodles? Momo ramen is the place. Do you feel like getting some Mexican food? Stop by Margaritas and Tacos or Miti Miti. Need to try a very New Yorker pizza? You can’t miss the chance to buy a slice of the famous Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. Dessert time? Cake at Buttermilk Bakeshop is the answer you need

Shopaholics, don’t fear! There is a variety of shops on this  fifth ave. My favorite has to be Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store. A modern gift shop with a wide selection of the cutest stuff on this planet: stationery, decor, house water, knickknacks and whatnot. I wanted to buy every single on display!

annie's blue ribbon general store in Brooklyn's Fifth avenue
Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Housing Work Thrift Shops has products for you and your home. Chairs, books, paintings, scarves, shoes, bags. The curator does an outstanding job there.  And I can say the same about the person in change of Pink Olive – a pricey but adorable establishment to whoever is looking for newborn goods. Finally, you can find grownups stylish apparel in boutiques like Habit or Something Else.

It’s quite common to see gardens open to public in some Manhattan residential areas. But Brooklyn offers one in a very busy area. If you feel overwhelmed, escape city life in Greenspace, found at President Street. Some meditation around some plants can only reenergize your touring spirit.

If you want to stay longer, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy along with the sunset. Whether you are into a quiet or a wild night out, you can go to Blueprint, a cocktail bar, or try gourmet food in al di la Trattoria, an Italian restaurant.

Happy Hour in Brooklyn’s Fifth Ave bar

Leave in the comments if you have any other Brooklyn recommendation. I can also help you with some questions you might have when planning your trip to NYC. Send me an e-mail at I’d love to hear from you!

Buy Secondhand: 5 Thrift Stores in NYC to Shop on a Budget

Many tourists come to New York with the idea that the best place to go shopping is 5th avenue while some believe unimaginable bargains can be found at popular outlets located in the city’s outskirts. What they really should know is that locals love thrifting. Type on google maps “thrift stores” and you will find an array of options in all five boroughs. It only makes sense that New Yorkers have such passion: these boutiques are cheap, environment-friendly and hip!

Therefore, if you are looking for a good opportunity to save money and save the planet while shopping in NYC, here you are: a short catalogue of awesome thrift shops located mainly in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

1. Buffalo Exchange

With about five different addresses in the region, you can’t miss an opportunity to visit Buffalo Exchange. This chain is not famous for high end products, but for its variety. It’s easy to come across clothes that still have the tags on. So if you aren’t crazy about labels, but more into grabbing stylish garment, you might want to pay a visit to this spot. Trade in is available: bring clothes and accessories you never wear anymore and get cash or store credit back.

Extra tip: If you go to the one in Cobble Hill, there’s a magical bookstore that you should check out. And if you’re in the mood for some more exploring there’s another thrifting store within a short distance: Out of the Closet.

2. Beacon’s Closet

My favorite shop of this sort in Brooklyn. Personally, I think this place stands out because it is inexpensive and it’s not as crammed and claustrophobic as thrift stores tend to be. The establishment’s large size (by New York standards) is a real advantage. By being spacious it makes the whole process of snatching some good deals easier and faster. It’s also – to a certain extent – organized. The wide selection combined with excellent quality control turns Beacon’s Closet into a secondhand shopping paradise.

Extra tip: Not over a ten minute walk and you can lay your hands on Monk Vintage’s curated goods.

3. Monk Vintage

Not far from the two previous locations, you can easily get to this venue based in Williamsburg. While the other two often offer new products, here you can see they don’t joke when it comes to honoring the “vintage” name. This store is loaded with all kinds of great value items. It’s not exactly messy, nor incredibly tidy. It’s not the cheapest, nor the most expensive either. But it sure is fun!

4. Urban Jungle

Racks and racks of vintage attire for men and women that cost next to nothing in Bushwick. If you are into sports, this is heaven on Earth: they have an abundance of basketball and American football jerseys in excellent condition. Extra tip: once in the neighborhood, you must check out The Bushwick Collective, an open art gallery with lots of impressive graffiti and enjoyable food trucks around.

5. L Train Vintage

Everything here screams excitement. The trendy and unapologetically laid-back atmosphere is everything a thrifty community hope for! Even better when there are many sites across the city to choose.

Still not over the recycling your closet movement? No problem! The options are indeed endless. Don’t forget to support small vendors, street sales but also take a look at more traditional institutions such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army.

Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York

We all know New York City is a shopping paradise – as long as you can afford it.  Everything you want can be found in this island and proximities. And when I mean everything, it also includes a long list of businesses that sell the most adorable things you could ever think of. I selected a few stores that are specialized in selling the cutest products you can buy, whether it is for you, your home or your loved ones.

Fish Eddy

Perfect for those interested in kitchen decoration. They have a lovely selection of dishes, plates, tablecloths, mugs, glasses, cutting boards and so on. The style tends to be a mixture of simple, funny and sometimes a bit vintage-looking.

Address: 889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Besfren Beauty

K-beauty lovers, unite! Lipgloss, lipstick, moisturizers, facial masks, toners. Everything here is impeccably designed. They offer a beautiful and qualified variety of cosmetic products. So tempting that you should watch out – it is really easy to spend a lot of money here. Just don’t confuse it with the dessert shop next doors. Unless you want to spend more money and gain some extra calories!

Address: 315 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016

Alphabets and Exit9 are cute gift shops in Alphabet City.

Exit 9

With locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, this place has a diverse selection of gifts and novelties. They are very eclectic as they sell accessories, jewelry, books, decorations, office supplies, toys, and even tech and kitchen goods. They have a website in case you want to other their products online.

Address in Manhattan: 51 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009


Across from the same Avenue A, you can stumble upon a compact but not less cute store. I actually purchased a notebook for myself and my friend got a flask to give to his boyfriend. In general, Alphabets sells numerous cards, journals, shirts, toys, decoration and quirky fun products.

Address: 64 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

Annie’s Blue Ribbon

Located in Brooklyn’s 5th ave, and a few steps away from Barclay’s Center this lovely shop will make you spend a long time going through its shelves while wishing you had enough money to buy every single item there. Stationery, home decor, tech gadget that you may or may not need, travel items and so on. I highly recommend stopping by. Also because the area has a lot of cafés, thrift shops and tasty restaurants. I promise it will be worth your trip!

Address: 232 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Annie’s Blue Ribbon is a stationery wonderland!

Flying Tiger

Originally from Denmark, this is an amazing option if you’re into cheap and charming junk. You can buy toys, stationery, home decor, kitchen utensils, workout accessories and whatnot. It is probably the most inexpensive place in this entire list. It can be found in a few locations, such as Brooklyn, Upper East Side and near the Flatiron Building.

Address close to Shake Shack and Fish Eddy: 920 Broadway, 21st and Broadway, New York, NY 10010

Do you know any other cute stores in NYC? Share your recommendation in the comments below!