Como Comprar Ingressos Baratos da Broadway em Nova York

Gosta de musical ou peça de teatro? Então, reservar um pouco de dinheiro pra ir a algum espetáculo da Broadway em Nova York é necessário. A qualidade das obras é impressionante e vai te garantir uma experiência única. Depois de passear o dia inteiro, nada melhor do que fechar a dia com um pouquinho deContinue reading “Como Comprar Ingressos Baratos da Broadway em Nova York”

Cheap Places To Eat in NYC

Being a tourist in New York is no joke. I know because before I moved here, I had visited the city many times. This place is expensive in so many ways. Accommodation, plane tickets, museums, observatories, broadway shows and other attractions can take a heavy toll on our pockets. Of course there are tricks toContinue reading “Cheap Places To Eat in NYC”

Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York

We all know New York City is a shopping paradise – as long as you can afford it.  Everything you want can be found in this island and proximities. And when I mean everything, it also includes a long list of businesses that sell the most adorable things you could ever think of. I selectedContinue reading “Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York”