Como Comprar Ingressos Baratos da Broadway em Nova York

Gosta de musical ou peça de teatro? Então, reservar um pouco de dinheiro pra ir a algum espetáculo da Broadway em Nova York é necessário. A qualidade das obras é impressionante e vai te garantir uma experiência única. Depois de passear o dia inteiro, nada melhor do que fechar a dia com um pouquinho deContinue reading “Como Comprar Ingressos Baratos da Broadway em Nova York”

Easy Guide To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

I have good news to share: you don’t need to be rich to see a musical in New York. What you really need is to be a little lucky or very persistent! Just yesterday I bought tickets to see Frozen from the orchestra for only 30 dollars! How did that happen? Well, I won theContinue reading “Easy Guide To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets”

5 Broadway Musicals You Have To Watch

Once you are in New York City going to musicals is an opportunity that you can’t miss. Whether you are crazy about plays or not, Broadway shows give you a whole new perspective on art and creativity. It’s the kind of experience that will change you forever both culturally and personally. I have been toContinue reading “5 Broadway Musicals You Have To Watch”