What NYC looks like after months of struggling with COVID-19

Today marks three years after I left my country to try to live the so-called American Dream, just like thousands of immigrants naively do. I chose moving to New York City because this place stole my heart the very first time I landed at the JFK. Its excessive dimensions, recurring noises, extra energy and limitlessContinue reading “What NYC looks like after months of struggling with COVID-19”

THINGS TO DO IN NYC: A Rainy Day in Downtown Brooklyn

Sometimes you plan your trip, and then rain happens to be on the forecast. If this happens to be the case, it’s totally cool since there’s a lot to do in New York even when the weather is not that great. So this is what I like to go on rainy days in downtown Brooklyn:Continue reading “THINGS TO DO IN NYC: A Rainy Day in Downtown Brooklyn”

Outdoor Activities For Each Season in New York

If you think of New York as a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, think twice. First of all, it’s tough as hell to make your wishes come true here. Also because there’s a lot of nature to explore in this area. Obviously I’m talking about places beyond crammed Manhattan! Truth be told I’mContinue reading “Outdoor Activities For Each Season in New York”

The Vessel: NYC’s Newest Attraction

New York really does not stop. The city is always reinventing itself and making sure you keep coming back. This time the hottest spot is located in Hudson Yards, a brand new neighborhood in Manhattan – yes, apparently there is always room to fit some more buildings for the upperclass in this crammed island. TheContinue reading “The Vessel: NYC’s Newest Attraction”

10 Coffee Shops To Visit in New York City

If there is one thing that pleases all nationalities, this thing is coffee. It brings people together, gives us energy and makes us work better. Therefore, whether you’re visiting, having a business meeting or looking for an unusual office to work on your projects, I gathered a list of some great NYC cafés you shouldContinue reading “10 Coffee Shops To Visit in New York City”

Cheap Places To Eat in NYC

Being a tourist in New York is no joke. I know because before I moved here, I had visited the city many times. This place is expensive in so many ways. Accommodation, plane tickets, museums, observatories, broadway shows and other attractions can take a heavy toll on our pockets. Of course there are tricks toContinue reading “Cheap Places To Eat in NYC”

Finding THE BEST Ice Rink in New York

There are more than 10 places to go ice skating in New York. However, not all of them are that perfect as you might have thought. Some are expensive, some are packed, some are both expensive and packed. I’ve been visiting ice rinks quite a lot lately – either as spectator, friend supporter or cautious adventurer.Continue reading “Finding THE BEST Ice Rink in New York”

Five New York Pizzas Worth Your Visit

If you know me just a tiny bit, I’m sure you heard me talking about pizza at some point. It might be part of my genetics, a real addiction or just a plain excuse to get some carbs in my blood. Whatever the main reason might be, I’m truly lucky to live in a cityContinue reading “Five New York Pizzas Worth Your Visit”