Best Places To Buy Electronics in New York

You know how it works: we plan a trip to New York and we immediately start to think of all the shopping possibilities – that is, if you are not traveling on a tight budget. Provided that you are looking for a want (maybe the latest trendy gadget) or a need (your phone is terminallyContinue reading “Best Places To Buy Electronics in New York”

A Smart Guide to Visit Chicago in 3 Days

It’s always good to plan a short vacation to a new destination. Many people love going to New York, Florida or California. However, they are really missing out on  Illinois. Its capital, Chicago, is famous for being an art and architecture hub as well as a foodie paradise. This is a smart guide to makeContinue reading “A Smart Guide to Visit Chicago in 3 Days”

The Other Fifth Avenue

When tourists go sightseeing one of their first stops is Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Luxury brands, Apple Store, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park. I know, it all sounds so inviting. But not to everyone. Some individuals are more interested in checking out the unusual. They like to go where foreigners haven’t discovered yet. And thisContinue reading “The Other Fifth Avenue”

Creative Ideas to Visit New York Without Much Money

I always wanted to see New York. Not being brought up by a rich family I sort of had to chase this dream by myself. Once I started to work I got excited with the possibilities of buying whatever I desired. Consumerism took over me. Later I realized time was passing by and I stillContinue reading “Creative Ideas to Visit New York Without Much Money”

Tourists x Locals: Differences Between New York’s Two Worlds

Conventional travel guides are good for newcomers or people who have limited time to explore such a big city like the Big Apple. But many travelers pursue off the beaten track tips. They desire to experience a true New Yorker life. That being said, once (in fact, around seven times) a tourist and now livingContinue reading “Tourists x Locals: Differences Between New York’s Two Worlds”

Buy Secondhand: 5 Thrift Stores in NYC to Shop on a Budget

Many tourists come to New York with the idea that the best place to go shopping is 5th avenue while some believe unimaginable bargains can be found at popular outlets located in the city’s outskirts. What they really should know is that locals love thrifting. Type on google maps “thrift stores” and you will findContinue reading “Buy Secondhand: 5 Thrift Stores in NYC to Shop on a Budget”

NYC Travel Guide: 5 Bookstores You Must Visit

Hello, bookworms! If you landed on this article, it’s probably because you are very much into reading – so much that when visiting a new city you need to make a few stops to get your fill. New Yorkers are avid readers and it’s easy to prove my point: it only takes a stroll toContinue reading “NYC Travel Guide: 5 Bookstores You Must Visit”

What’s The Best Time to Visit New York?

Fall is the greatest time of the year! And yes, I really meant to say F-A-L-L. Even though Manhattan, in New York, might look amazing with some snowflakes and Christmas decorations, there’s quite nothing like this city from late September to early November. If you are planning to visit the Big Apple, do it soon.Continue reading “What’s The Best Time to Visit New York?”

Want To Travel The World? Travel to NYC!

I know there’s a whole world to see, but if you want to see the whole world at once, come to New York City. I know, NYC can be an expensive destination at times, but if you desire to be a world traveler, this is where you should start. There are several reasons why youContinue reading “Want To Travel The World? Travel to NYC!”

Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York

We all know New York City is a shopping paradise – as long as you can afford it.  Everything you want can be found in this island and proximities. And when I mean everything, it also includes a long list of businesses that sell the most adorable things you could ever think of. I selectedContinue reading “Cute Shops You Should Visit in New York”