Must Visit: A Lighthouse in New York

We all know New York has a lot to see and do. But because most tourists (and residents) tend to just focus on staying in Manhattan, they sadly end up following the same itinerary. As a result, people miss seeing views like the picture above. This photograph was taken in Fire Island, located 60 milesContinue reading “Must Visit: A Lighthouse in New York”

Five Markets To Visit In New York City

I recommend taking some time to visit New York markets. These locations provide affordable options whether you’re looking to fill your stomach or your house.

Easy Guide To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

I have good news to share: you don’t need to be rich to see a musical in New York. What you really need is to be a little lucky or very persistent! Just yesterday I bought tickets to see Frozen from the orchestra for only 30 dollars! How did that happen? Well, I won theContinue reading “Easy Guide To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets”

Can You Really Find Cheap Hotels in New York?

Whenever someone asks me about visiting New York, I tell them that the most important thing is to start saving some good money since the most expensive chunk of their trip will be spent on accommodation. Everything else is manageable: there is a variety of inexpensive restaurants, shops and entertainment. Sadly, hotel rooms here areContinue reading “Can You Really Find Cheap Hotels in New York?”

You Should Visit This Park in New York. No, It’s Not Central Park!

Tourists often neglect a very vibrant area of New York City: Union Square Park. This is where I often go on the weekends since it is surrounded by shops, restaurants, art, street market, students and, at times, protesters. Located between 14th and 17th street, this is the place to go shopping, see unique creatures orContinue reading “You Should Visit This Park in New York. No, It’s Not Central Park!”

The Best New York Ice Cream Shops

We all know New York is a place for foodies. Famous for having all types of cultures and cuisines spread all over its five boroughs, there is a lot to to try here. Of course you will need to eat some of the best NYC’s pizzas, bagels and cheesecakes. Nonetheless, you ought to include oneContinue reading “The Best New York Ice Cream Shops”

Don’t Make This Mistake When You Visit NYC

  Living in New York for over a year now, I have had the pleasure to help friends organize their itinerary. People often ask me whether they should watch The Lion King or Aladdin, which skyscraper observatory has the best sight or tips to find the cheapest places to buy clothes or electronics. Sadly, almostContinue reading “Don’t Make This Mistake When You Visit NYC”

5 Broadway Musicals You Have To Watch

Once you are in New York City going to musicals is an opportunity that you can’t miss. Whether you are crazy about plays or not, Broadway shows give you a whole new perspective on art and creativity. It’s the kind of experience that will change you forever both culturally and personally. I have been toContinue reading “5 Broadway Musicals You Have To Watch”