I swear! I must be a victim of fashion brainwashing, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. These days, there has been a wave of extremely ugly shoes popping up on my feed whenever I watch outfit videos. Singled out, they are hideous. However, once styled with cute pieces, I think they actually look fun and secretly want to get them for Fall/Winter 2022.

1. Adidas samba

Harry Styles loves wearing Adidas Samba so that’s what makes them beautiful.

The first time I saw someone wearing Adidas Samba I judged hard. I don’t know why, though. I love Adidas sneakers and even owned at least two or three pairs years ago. Maybe they are too low compared to the platform Converse Chuck Taylor or Nike Air Force styles that have been trending for so long. Nevertheless, I sort of desire to buy one now. Maybe it’s the influence of YouTubers or famous people such as Emma Chamberlain and Harry Styles. Their price point is definitely not bad either: $75 for the classic. If you prefer to go for the vegan option, you will have to spend more ($120).

2. Birkenstock Boston

This style is so popular that it’s sold out in several retailers.

Birkenstock has a taste for the ugly, let’s be honest. Despite the fact that I always put on my white Arizona sandals in Summer every single day, they are far from pretty. Comfort beats fashion. And that’s the case for these clogs. It looks like something that only old people would wear, although I think even my grandma would say they are horrible. Additionally, the price is quite uninviting. I’ve seen them from $130 to $170 dollars. Ouch! You can get dupes and save many bucks, but who knows if they will last or how comfortable they are? It’s also an investment if you live in a place with long winters like I do (this could be just me trying to find an excuse to purchase them…)

3. Hoka Clifton 8

HOKAs are so bulky, yet they are very comfortable (or so people say).

We all know that athletic items go beyond the gym, yet I don’t know if I’m prepared to wear HOKA shoes anywhere other than on the treadmill. They are pricey, massive, and usually funny since they come in crazy colors. Starting at $140, I think they are just worth the investment if they are truly durable and as snug as people say. My current Nike trainers hurt my feet when I walk sometimes, so this is the main reason I want to get HOKA Clinton 8. The colorful ones are too wild and don’t fit my style, so I’d choose them in white or black.

What do you think of these shoes? Are you interested in any of them? Leave your comments below. 🙂