The Vessel: NYC’s Newest Attraction

New York really does not stop. The city is always reinventing itself and making sure you keep coming back. This time the hottest spot is located in Hudson Yards, a brand new neighborhood in Manhattan – yes, apparently there is always room to fit some more buildings for the upperclass in this crammed island.

The area is not entirely finished, therefore it is full of construction sites. However, the giant sculpture called Vessel and the shopping mall are already open to the public.

Vessel, a giant sculpture in Hudson Yards.
Vessel, a giant sculpture in Hudson Yards.


The Vessel is a landmark that has been attracting both locals and tourists due to its innovative design and access to a cool view of the Hudson River and, of course, numerous skyscrapers! Not to mention the possibility of shooting many pictures to keep your Instagram feed fresh – I dare you to go there and not come back with one single photo!

Shaped like a beehive, it was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. The monument is a 16-story structure of connected staircases with 2,500 steps. There is also a curved elevator, making the site accessible to everyone.

Vessel, a giant sculpture in Hudson Yards.
Vessel, a giant sculpture in Hudson Yards.


The entrance is free but it might take you a while to get those tickets. If you want to book in advance, you might have to wait two weeks. Now if you’re in a hurry to check it out, they offer an option for the early birds: go to their website and wait in line. Due to its high demand, it can take up a long time (I waited an hour!). Also, you can get more than one ticket (I got 5, for my friends and I hehe!)


If you are somewhere close to Times Square, take the 7 train! It will take you all the way to the west side. It’s just one stop and a lot of flights up. It will be incredibly easy to spot the Vessel once you get off the station.

View from the floor, in the center of the Vessel.
View from the floor, in the center of the Vessel.


Aside from having fun climbing stairs, taking the best pictures and enjoying the view of the city from a new angle, you can also go shopping or grab some food or drinks at The Shops, a luxurious shopping mall. Nearby you can also walk along The High Line, once train tracks that were turned into a cool suspended park. But honestly the best part of visiting the Vessel is seeing how the Big Apple is always reinventing itself!

Would you like to visit the Vessel on your next trip to NYC? Leave your comment below!

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