There are more than 10 places to go ice skating in New York. However, not all of them are that perfect as you might have thought. Some are expensive, some are packed, some are both expensive and packed. I’ve been visiting ice rinks quite a lot lately – either as spectator, friend supporter or cautious adventurer. This is what I found out:

#5 Rockfeller Center
Probably the smallest, most crowded and expensive of all rinks in NYC. I know it’s magical, conveniently located in a very movie-like environment, but honestly there’s no need to spend $60 to $75 dollars on general admission. 
If you’re looking for VIP experience, be prepared to pay $175. With this luxury ticket, you’ll have access to a reserved skating time, complimentary skate rentals, in & out access to The Rink for the session, refreshments including hot chocolate, Nespresso coffee, bottled water and an assortment of freshly baked cookies. If you think you’re worth it, go for it!
The best part of ice skating in the  Rockfeller Center is checking out their huge Christmas tree!
#4 Brookfield Place
This ice rink is not very popular among tourists which could be a good thing if you’re looking for something less crowded. However, it’s not a good option considering there’s a time limit. They have fixed session times where you have to pay $15 for 90 minutes, plus $5 for skate rental.  
Now the coolest part about this venue is that they offer private skating lessons for men, women and children. The coaches? Oh, just two Olympian skates: Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov. No big deal, right? hahaha
#3 Bryant Park
Bryant Park’s ice rink is absolutely the best option in case you already have your pair of skates and is absolutely committed to going there more than once. Why? Well, it’s the only rink that provides free admission. But, of course, there’s a catch. Even if you bring your skates, you will have to pay a  20 dollar fee for sharpening them. After that, you’re good to go! If you’re just visiting, prices for skate rentals are $20. The Rink is open daily and on holidays through March 3, 2019.
If you just want to watch people jump, swirl and well, eventually fall, it’s okay. You don’t need to pay anything to hide from the cold in the Observation Deck!
After that, you can go shopping or eating in the Winter Village shops.
You can find ice rinks in Bryant Park (left) and Central Park (right).
#2 Central Park
This ice rink is massive compared to all the previous ones. But, you know, it’s Central Park. So it really doesn’t better the size because it’s always busy. Unless you avoid peak hours during weekdays or the weekends whatsoever. 
The Wollman Rink can be found on the east side, very close to the Central Park Zoo. It offers ice hockey, a skating school, party facilities, skate rentals, and lockers.
From Friday to Sunday and during Holidays adult pay $19, Kids: $6 and Seniors: $9. Plus you might need to add $10 for skate rentals. If you don’t want to skate, there’s a fee for spectators as well: $5. Ouch! 
All in all, it’ still such a picturesque and memorable experience! You might ask yourself: when am I going to have the chance of ice skating in Central Park again? Yep, that’s good enough to convince anyone. Bring your loved ones, thick socks and enjoy
#1 Prospect Park
Our winning ice rink has a great location for starters: it’s in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. But what really makes it the best option is that it’s probably bigger than the others. There are two rinks available (one indoors and the other outdoors) which distributes the number of people and it makes accidents and kids bumping into each other less likely to happen. It is also a lot cheaper compared to the other spots. 
It’s also the cheapest of all the rinks in this list. Adults and children pay $7.25; $10 on weekends. But attention:weekend pricing begins on Fridays at 4:00 p.m. Skates Rental in case you don’t have your own costs $7 and lockers are available for $3. 
More benefits: they offer programming and events such as Curling, Broomball, Youth and Adult Hockey, and Figure Skating. 
This is also a great opportunity to explore a charming park that is often neglected by New Yorkers themselves. So what are you waiting for? Talk to friends and family and make sure to put this ice rink on your plans.