I have good news to share: you don’t need to be rich to see a musical in New York. What you really need is to be a little lucky or very persistent! Just yesterday I bought tickets to see Frozen from the orchestra for only 30 dollars! How did that happen? Well, I won the Broadway lottery!

We all know theater is quite expensive around here, but it’s one of those things in your “I gotta do this when I visit NYC” list. Now just because it’s costly, it doesn’t mean you don’t get a chance to do it. Like I said, winning the lottery is one of the options, but there are many other ways. It only takes a little time and a few bucks to find a good play and a decent seat!

Broadway Times Square Gotta go
If you love musicals, don’t worry: there’s always a cheap way to see a Broadway show!

The best pick: Broadway For Broke People

This is my go-to website for picking a musical. It has all the information you need: shows, theaters, opening or closing dates, performance schedule and all the actions you can take to purchase the cheapest tickets available.


Broadway Roulette

This one is pretty cool! Go to their page now and cross off 4 shows you would NOT like to see. Fill in the gaps with your info such as name, phone, type of shows you prefer (play or musical) and the day you want to attend. Tickets range from $49 to $59 and you’ll pay a $9 service fee.

The company will choose a play and a seat for you. The only thing is you’ll have to be open minded and accept what you get. Or pay extra $5 for ticketflex – which allow you to request to change the date or reassign your tickets to a friend until 2 PM the day before your show.


Get ready for Broadway week

Every year New York provides a semiannual event which allows you to buy two tickets for the price of one. Meaning, it’s a great opportunity to see 2 shows with 50% discount! It usually occurs in January and September but sales start earlier. Plan your trip accordingly!


Hamilton Broadway Tickets
Hamilton is one of the most popular – and hard to find cheap tickets – musicals in NY.

Download the musical apps

Some shows like Hamilton or Harry Potter and The Cursed Child run the lottery on their own app. You’ll be asked to create an account to try your luck. Other applications also do the job of looking for bargains for you such as Telecharge, TodayTix, Linctix or Hiptix.

For the old school peeps!

If you or someone you know aren’t much into tech, it’s okay. There are options for non-tech lovers, too. In these scenarios, you must head to the theater in person to try General Rush or SRO (Standing Room Only). If they have any room available, admissions will be sold for a lower fare. Just make sure you get there early and good luck! 🙂

One more option: TKTS

Located in three addresses, buy tickets for the same day in one of the TKTS booths. Avoid Times Square if you don’t want to deal with long (yet not so slow) lines. My advice is to go to the South Street Seaport or Lincoln Center locations as you get to see other awesome neighborhoods of NYC. Locations:

TKTS Times Square: 7th Ave (212) 912-9770

TKTS Lincoln Center: 61 W 62nd St (212) 912-9770

TKTS South Street Seaport: 190 Front St (212) 912-9770


Do you know any other way of getting good deals for NYC Broadway Tickets? Share in the comments below! 🙂