When tourists go sightseeing one of their first stops is Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Luxury brands, Apple Store, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park. I know, it all sounds so inviting. But not to everyone. Some individuals are more interested in checking out the unusual. They like to go where foreigners haven’t discovered yet. And this is why they should visit the other Fifth Avenue, located in Brooklyn.

Get off at Barclay’s Center and head down. Here you won’t find anything similar to the upscale manhattanite stores. Everything past the East river tends to be alternative and cool. Save some time and cash to explore Margarita bars, thrift shops, cafés and even public gardens.  Spare a few hours of your trip to include the following tips in your itinerary:

To get your mission started grab a latte at Damn Fine Coffee. Craving some noodles? Momo ramen is the place. Do you feel like getting some Mexican food? Stop by Margaritas and Tacos or Miti Miti. Need to try a very New Yorker pizza? You can’t miss the chance to buy a slice of the famous Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. Dessert time? Cake at Buttermilk Bakeshop is the answer you need

Shopaholics, don’t fear! There is a variety of shops on this  fifth ave. My favorite has to be Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store. A modern gift shop with a wide selection of the cutest stuff on this planet: stationery, decor, house water, knickknacks and whatnot. I wanted to buy every single on display!

annie's blue ribbon general store in Brooklyn's Fifth avenue
Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Housing Work Thrift Shops has products for you and your home. Chairs, books, paintings, scarves, shoes, bags. The curator does an outstanding job there.  And I can say the same about the person in change of Pink Olive – a pricey but adorable establishment to whoever is looking for newborn goods. Finally, you can find grownups stylish apparel in boutiques like Habit or Something Else.

It’s quite common to see gardens open to public in some Manhattan residential areas. But Brooklyn offers one in a very busy area. If you feel overwhelmed, escape city life in Greenspace, found at President Street. Some meditation around some plants can only reenergize your touring spirit.

If you want to stay longer, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy along with the sunset. Whether you are into a quiet or a wild night out, you can go to Blueprint, a cocktail bar, or try gourmet food in al di la Trattoria, an Italian restaurant.

Happy Hour in Brooklyn’s Fifth Ave bar

Leave in the comments if you have any other Brooklyn recommendation. I can also help you with some questions you might have when planning your trip to NYC. Send me an e-mail at thisismarianaguido@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!