Many tourists come to New York with the idea that the best place to go shopping is 5th avenue while some believe unimaginable bargains can be found at popular outlets located in the city’s outskirts. What they really should know is that locals love thrifting. Type on google maps “thrift stores” and you will find an array of options in all five boroughs. It only makes sense that New Yorkers have such passion: these boutiques are cheap, environment-friendly and hip!

Therefore, if you are looking for a good opportunity to save money and save the planet while shopping in NYC, here you are: a short catalogue of awesome thrift shops located mainly in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

1. Buffalo Exchange

With about five different addresses in the region, you can’t miss an opportunity to visit Buffalo Exchange. This chain is not famous for high end products, but for its variety. It’s easy to come across clothes that still have the tags on. So if you aren’t crazy about labels, but more into grabbing stylish garment, you might want to pay a visit to this spot. Trade in is available: bring clothes and accessories you never wear anymore and get cash or store credit back.

Extra tip: If you go to the one in Cobble Hill, there’s a magical bookstore that you should check out. And if you’re in the mood for some more exploring there’s another thrifting store within a short distance: Out of the Closet.

2. Beacon’s Closet

My favorite shop of this sort in Brooklyn. Personally, I think this place stands out because it is inexpensive and it’s not as crammed and claustrophobic as thrift stores tend to be. The establishment’s large size (by New York standards) is a real advantage. By being spacious it makes the whole process of snatching some good deals easier and faster. It’s also – to a certain extent – organized. The wide selection combined with excellent quality control turns Beacon’s Closet into a secondhand shopping paradise.

Extra tip: Not over a ten minute walk and you can lay your hands on Monk Vintage’s curated goods.

3. Monk Vintage

Not far from the two previous locations, you can easily get to this venue based in Williamsburg. While the other two often offer new products, here you can see they don’t joke when it comes to honoring the “vintage” name. This store is loaded with all kinds of great value items. It’s not exactly messy, nor incredibly tidy. It’s not the cheapest, nor the most expensive either. But it sure is fun!

4. Urban Jungle

Racks and racks of vintage attire for men and women that cost next to nothing in Bushwick. If you are into sports, this is heaven on Earth: they have an abundance of basketball and American football jerseys in excellent condition. Extra tip: once in the neighborhood, you must check out The Bushwick Collective, an open art gallery with lots of impressive graffiti and enjoyable food trucks around.

5. L Train Vintage

Everything here screams excitement. The trendy and unapologetically laid-back atmosphere is everything a thrifty community hope for! Even better when there are many sites across the city to choose.

Still not over the recycling your closet movement? No problem! The options are indeed endless. Don’t forget to support small vendors, street sales but also take a look at more traditional institutions such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army.