I know there’s a whole world to see, but if you want to see the whole world at once, come to New York City. I know, NYC can be an expensive destination at times, but if you desire to be a world traveler, this is where you should start.
There are several reasons why you can postpone your trips to Asia, South America or Europe and come here first. Every part of New York has its own particular identity, and this is mostly due to its many foreign cultures influence. Historically, immigration waves have shaped the city’s map, language and lifestyle since the very first English and Dutch arrivals.
So if you are interested in seeing with your own eyes what a melting pot really looks like, book your tickets. It’s time to see how the world fits in this Big Apple!
  1. Visit China: If you thought about Chinatown in Manhattan, you were right. But it isn’t the only one! There are actually bigger Chinatowns located in Queens and Brooklyn! Grocery stores, salons, bakeries, and other types of Chinese businesses can be found in the following areas: Corona and Elmhurst, in Queens, and Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Borough Park, Avenue U and Little Guangdong/Little Hong Kong, in Brooklyn. If you get the N or D train, you can even see advertisements written in Chinese only. Forget about Canal Street: it’s time to plan your trip downtown and get some really good dumplings!
  2. Visit Russia: I know Coney Island is a popular destination, but so should be Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay. “Little Odessa”, as it is called by locals, should be on your list if you want to visit authentic Russian delis, cafes, book stores, boutiques or just learn a new language as English is not really the primary option here. пожалуйста – you are welcome!
  3. Visit Korea: If you are into dining or beauty, you just need to look beyond the Empire State Building. Just like the famous skyscraper, Koreans are found in the heart of Manhattan! Located in Midtown, this is mainly a business destination. But if you are looking for residential neighborhoods, you must travel to the “Kimchi Belt”, which goes from Flushing, Queens, to Long Island Koreatown.
  4. Visit Brazil: Even though a big population of Brazilians still prefer to live in New Jersey, the main home of the soccer aficionados is in Queens, more precisely in Astoria. These vibrant and multicultural people can be found anywhere near the 36th street.  But Manhattan also gets a little of the Brazilian way of life with a tiny street named Little Brazil on West 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. There are many Brazilian bars and restaurants so you can choose which one has the best – or the strongest – caipirinha!
  5. Visit Italy: The second largest population of immigrants, Italians are a common species in the Big Apple. And yes, most people knows about Little Italy in the city. Sadly, Chinatown is sort of taking over that neighborhood slowly. However, a strong Italian community still resides in other places: Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. If you are looking for a great Sicilian Pizza Pie, there are plenty of options to choose!